Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fauxhemian Food

A friend who knows what a New York lover I am, sent me a terrific posting from one of his favorite blogs, 3 Quarks Daily, on the new Bowery Whole Foods, writer S. Asad Raza's main point being that the new brand-name grocery "represents a much poorer form of food diversity than what is already there." He goes on to dissect the symbiotic relationship of Whole Foods and the "fauxhemian pretensions" of the new downtown professionals. Alongside the cutting commentary though, he exhibits a staggering knowledge and appreciation of all the independent and ethnic food providers for blocks around. It gave me my NYC fix for a bit, but it also made me think, this guy could write A Cook's Guide to New York!

For anyone who needs A Cook's Guide fix, author Marilyn Pocius has a new, not-Chicago-specific website, acooksguide.com, devoted to helping turn your kitchen into a workshop of worldly cuisine.

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