Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chicago Maritime Festival


The Chicago Maritime Festival, now sailing into its 6th year, continues to offer the most diverse maritime program in the Great Lakes. This indoor festival held in Chicago's "off season", is a wonderful way to meet maritime minded (or nautically curious) folks from all around the region and across the sea. The festival is organized by the Chicago Maritime Society, the Chicago History Museum, and Common Times.

The seminars are presented by individuals and organizations including the Underwater Archaeological Society, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, National Weather Service, International Shipmasters Association, Chicago Maritime Society, Friends of the Chicago River, John G. Shedd Aquarium, Michigan Maritime Museum, and others from the maritime community of Chicago, the Great Lakes, and the World.

The performers are among the best in the World and have hailed from all across the United States as well as England, France, Scotland, Canada, and the Netherlands.
Activities for kids have included model boat building, lakeside biology, knot tying, seeking maritime careers, and "How to Become a Shipwreck Detective".

Members of the Chicago Maritime Society who contributed to the forthcoming Lake Claremont Press title, From Lumber Hookers to the Hooligan Fleet: A Treasury of Chicago Maritime History, will be at the festival with pre-order forms for the book. We expect to have it available in the next month, so place your order now!

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