Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell, Jan Metzger, Age 60

Janice Metzger came to Lake Claremont Press about a year and a half ago with late-stage lung cancer, open about her likely terminal diagnosis, and one ambitious and compelling proposal for the book she intended to write while undergoing treatment: What Would Jane Say? She impressed us with her prolific hard work, commitment, fire, historic imagination, and quality of research and writing. In the end, we were mostly wowed at her accomplishment, more so because she delivered something so complete and beautiful that matched what she out to do, and in such a short period of time, than because of the circumstances under which she did it.

She died earlier this week on February 22, 2010. She is survived by her partner, John Paige; her sons Timothy, Christopher, and Andrew Metzger; a stunning book brimming with her passion and meticulous research; years of public school, neighborhood, and transportation activism; and a better city and world for her having passed through it. It was a privilege to have known her.

A few loving tributes to Jan by those who knew her longer than we did:

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